Campbell is a trusted and valued contributor to several CRAN and Fablevision projects. He is an excellent actor with a strong, warm stage presence. His writing and verse speaking skills have added great value to projects mounted by CRAN and our partners. Cammy has also assisted us on projects which required him to work with and mentor young people with poor educational outcomes or career expectations. We found him to be very well equipped to deal with what can be a challenging group of people who all seemed to respond to him well.
Frank Miller, Artistic Director
Hi Cammy,

Just a short mail to express our thanks from all the people who attend your drama class form Cornerstone.  

Last years sell out night at the Airdrie town hall with Dramatics’ take on Snow White was amazing. The performance was great  and showcased the best from all the people we support with additional support needs.

The individuals involved in the drama class have become more confident and have met so many outcomes including independence, inclusion and friendship. The people you have in your class are so wide ranging from visual impaired, learning disability, mental health and you are able to tailor your class around these individual needs.

With thanks


 Shona Murray

Operational Manager, North Lanarkshire (Key Account Holder) Cornerstone.
Here is the recommendation.  Feedback was collected from the people we support and how they felt they workshops and the pantomime helped them.
The PWS love coming to the workshops because it gives them an voice and opportunity to be different characters, it has also helped their confident by having a chance to express themselves in front of others. They loved getting dressed and disguise as a character, which encouraged them to be able to perform in front of such a large audience for the Snow White and 11 Dwarfs.
Cammy you have been absolutely amazing with the people and your able to understand who they do enjoy and being adaptable to the kind of day their having - notice a massive change and their confidence growing to high levels. 
Thank you so much for and looking forward to future projects.

Yasmeen Dean
Support Worker

'Cammy is great at what he does, he has really engaged and developed our drama group, building up confidence in each of the participants.' - Gillian Dow - Director, Mainstay Trust

'The drama group is an excellent group and is an excellent platform for helping with stress, your general well-being and also in every aspect of helping yourself and your mental well-being. It boosts your self-esteem immensely whilst meeting new friends within the group.' - Service User, Connections.
Another fantastic group arranged by Connections. Cammy Fraser is a fabulous teacher and actor. I have enjoyed the group immensely and would recommend it to anyone suffering confidence issues.' - Service user - Connections.
'I think it really helps to grow your confidence and be able to push yourself more.' - Service user, Connections
 Cammy was able to develop and deliver a series of classes geared to the specific requirements of our group. Cammy was a pleasure to work with and delivered the classes with a mixture of professionalism and warmth. Feedback from the group was very positive. Cammy had given us what we'd asked for and more. People who attended said they liked his ideas, he put everyone at ease, got the best out of people and helped everyone interact.The amount of thought and work Cammy puts into what he does was also recognised by the group, as well as his very personable nature.
We look forward to working with Cammy again.
Blair Scott

Our drama coach, Cammy, wrote the script, called 'We are all Bobby. 'If I'm honest, I could relate to too many of the scenes in the play. It is clear to me that Cammy has a clear insight into the issues in and surrounding mental welfare'.

Steven - Service User
Falkirk and District Association for Mental Health.
 I thought I should email you and say thank you for Helping us practice the play and directing us up at Headway, I felt on top of the world (a bit like James Cagney) when the play ended and a lot of folk came up to say that it was excellent and I seemed to do good and I knew what I was talking about.
Steven - Service User  - Brain Injury Experience Network

He (Cammy) works in a totally person centred way, involving all workshop members in decision-making. This has had great benefit's for members  - self-esteem and providing a therapeutic environment for people to express their creativity in a nurturing and safe environment.

Jean Butterly – Facilitator
 As we moved into the first reading of “We Are All Bobby”, we interacted as characters, and it felt like everyone in the room had something in common, in that we could relate to Cammy’s work, and also that many people stepped out of themselves a bit; most started to act, really. 
Special mention to Mr Campbell Fraser for his people skills, genuine enthusiasm and talent; 
Brandon – Service User
 The women responded well to the drama workshops and Cammy who is very experienced, put everyone at ease and brought out the best in them. For the women involved it was a great opportunity to work as a team, learn about performance, take control of nerves, learn lines and stage direction and most of all have fun. 
Margaret Rutherford,
Vice-Manager SEAL South East Area Lifestyles
Glasgow.  - through which I worked with WAVES.
 Cammy, as we have said before we very much value your work with ENABLE Glasgow particularly running the drama workshops at the Thomas Fortune Work Centre. 
Certainly, should our funding situation improve, you would be the first person we would call upon.
Thanks again for all that you have done for us.
Anne McKinnon
Chairperson, Enable Glasgow
 As a volunteer Campbell was reliable and trustworthy and had an excellent aptitude for working with people with learning disability. Campbell was enthusiastic and brought new ideas to the services in which he volunteered, where he was able to use his acting skills to facilitate drama workshops and support people to produce short plays. Overall Campbell was an asset to our organisation and had a great rapport with the people he worked with. 
Jane Feeney
Service Support Officer, Enable Glasgow